About Us

The Jivesse range is developed by a seasoned and experienced clinical organisation with knowledge of dermatological conditions that affect people on a daily basis. Jivesse products are formed to deliver a multitude of benefits and contain the most natural, effective active ingredients. The active ingredients in the Jivesse Youth Regime are delicately selected to work in helping re-invigorate the natural functions of the body and reverse the internal and external signs and effects of ageing. Jivesse youth regime products are formed on the basis of individuals maximising the small pockets of time they can find in each day to help prevent physical signs of ageing. Preserving their youth, self esteem and vitality making themselves a priority.

Jivesse is a brand owned by Jivesse Beauty. Jivesse Beauty is an innovative online registered UK pharmacy with a number of years of medical experience behind it. A range of products and services are offered to customers, healthcare professionals, patients and careers. The company focuses on solution based propositions, led by a dedicated and experienced management team with a deep understanding of the medical device market. Jivesse Beauty is a consumer driven company, which looks to provide excellence through all products and services offered to its customers and uses its online pharmacy as a platform for providing solutions direct to the consumer.




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