How to Hide Your Age

When we are young, we always wish we looked older, but as we get older at some point we wish we looked younger – this usually happens just after turning 30 or so. This is because once we hit our 30’s, we start to see changes in our skin, lines that never used to exist on faces and throats, furrows that run along the forehead and didn’t there used to be only one chin??? These changes are almost too much to bear, and can make us feel less confident about our appearance.

Why do these skin changes occur? Collagen levels in the body deplete as we age. Collagen is the necessary component in skin which helps maintain its structure and integrity. Without it, skin loses elasticity and begins to sag forming lines, wrinkles, furrows and loose skin. It’s possible to hide such eventualities on your body with clothing, but your face, neck and chest tell the story. These are the areas to focus on when attempting to look younger than you are.

How can you hide your age? Act now, sooner the better. You can only work to slow down its progression, you cannot stop it. By incorporating collagen products into your skincare routine you help boost & maintain collagen levels in the body, inevitably helping to slow down the appearance of those visible signs of ageing

Jivesse Marine Collagen Cream will target signs of ageing from the outside by minimising the appearance of wrinkles, firming and tightening skin and increasing luminosity. Jivesse Marine collagen Capsules will rejuvenate skin cells, increase collagen production internally and improve skin hydration. Within just 30 days, these 2 products can boost collagen production in skin. Ultimately, there is no need for any other anti-ageing skin care products in your routine because with continual use, this Jivesse Marine Collagen Regime alone can effectively help you hide your age.


Collagen is your skin’s first line of defence against ageing. Excess sugar consumption (so junk food, sweets, adding sugar to foods and drinks) can break down collagen in the body. Staying away from such foods, drinks and sweets will also help keep skin healthy and youthful.

Vitamin C also works wonders for skin to prevent free radical cell damage that causes premature skin ageing so a healthy diet packed full of vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin c) is also essential for skins health.

A healthy diet and a skin care regime that supports collagen production in the body can help reduce visible signs of ageing allowing you to ‘hide your age’ with ease.