In Need of a New Skincare Routine?

Jivesse regeme
Autumn skin, winter skin, Spring Skin, summer skin – so many seasons to consider and so many different regimes to come up with. But what if there was one that you could use all year round? The Jivesse Regime (or Jivesse Lifestyle as the makers like to refer to it) takes the hassle out of seasonal skincare. How? Because each product in the range tackles the skin issues that you may experience in each season, throughout the year, so that even though the seasons and temperatures change – you don’t need to change a thing about your skincare routine.

Jivesse regemeFirstly there is the Jivesse Marine Collagen Cream, a cream (as the name suggests) that is packed full of collagen. These collagen peptides penetrate skin helping to maintain collagen levels. This in turn helps keep skin supple, firm and reduce visible signs of ageing. Its unique airless pump jar ensures the cream’s longevity and doesn’t spoil. This keeps the product fresh for you to experience all the benefits of the cream with every use. And yes, this cream is also available in Harrods as well as John Bell & Croydon in London, so if you were in doubt about its reputation, think again. Its results are unsurpassed.

Jivesse regeme
Then there are the Jivesse Capsules. These little beauties work from ‘within’ to help support collagen levels. The cream works topically whereas the capsules work from within which is why the regime works so well – all bases are covered. Packed full of collagen peptides and Hyaluronic Acid, Jivesse Capsules are able to penetrate deeper skin cells that creams cannot reach, and help to support collagen production there as well as help support skin to retain moisture. The result is firmer, smoother skin with reduced visible signs of ageing.

Jivesse regemeTo top of the regime, Jivesse have introduced Jivesse Gold Collagen Face Masks, which are not in fact gold in colour (as that would mean each mask had added artificial colours added to them which we know would be bad for skin) but are clear in colour and infused with 24k Gold Leaf. These masks are a touch of pure luxury for your skin. The gold leaf and collagen combine, completely saturating skin and penetrating deep to reveal an enviable complexion. Each mask helps firm & hydrate skin and bestows upon it’s user a radiant glow with every use.

Jivesse is all you need to take care of your facial skin. The cream works from the outside to reduce signs of ageing and promote skin hydration, the capsules work from within to support collagen production and skin hydration and to top it off, whenever you feel your skin needs a little extra boost, envelop your face in a gold infused face mask – sit back, relax and allow it to do its work. Jivesse has what you ‘need’ for the skin you ‘want’.