Skincare Basics for Healthy Skin

Healthy skin doesn’t just appear overnight. It’s a result of a great skincare regimen. There are many aspects to skin health which we will outline below. Pay attention if you want positively radiant, youthful-looking skin.

A good skincare regime for healthy skin

Always remove make-up before bed (or earlier in the day if you can) and let your skin breathe. Sleeping with make-up on has been found to damage skin and encourage wrinkles. Also apply an effective night cream to hydrate skin before going to sleep. Even consider a night serum, day serum or eye serum to help naturally plump up tired-looking skin. Keep an eye out for new additions to the Jivesse range if you are in fact looking for an effective serum to promote skin health.

Sun protection

Not always something we think about in England seen as we have far more colder weather than warm, but skin care starts with sun protection. UVA/UVB rays can still penetrate skin even on a cloudy day so it is best to protect skin from such rays every single day. Apply at least SPF30, and apply before make-up. Let it absorb. Remember, even slightly excessive sun exposure can lead to premature ageing, fine lines and sunspots so apply sun protection daily for healthy skin.

Diet & Exercise

Exercise is great for skin. It boosts circulation, improving the flow of nutrients throughout the body including the skin. Skin appears healthier. Increased physical activity also warrants a healthy diet. An intake of highly nutritious foods also helps feed skin. Clean-eating is the way forward to healthy skin.

If you can, attempt to steer clear of caffeine, alcohol and smoking as all three things damage skin and it shows as you get older.

Don’t let these lifestyle choices dramatically affect your social life, simply make healthy choices while out with family & friends and keep enjoying life.


Collagen is a skincare essential for anti-ageing benefits and overall skin health. The decrease of collagen in the skin as we get older is what causes wrinkles and skin sagging. Boosting levels with Jivesse collagen cream or capsules can have a positive impact upon skin helping firm & tighten it leaving it feeling suppler and more youthful-looking. The healthier skin looks, the more youthful your appearance.

Take time out for yourself

When life becomes too hectic, it is important to find time for yourself. Apply a Jivesse Gold Collagen Face Mask and allow yourself time to recharge and refresh, ready to take on whatever is thrown at you next. The psychological benefits of taking time for oneself are huge not to mention the physical benefits of these masks are remarkable too. Once you take off the mask, you will feel relaxed, de-stressed and look positively radiant.

So here are out skincare basics for healthy skin – what are yours?