The Importance of Time to Yourself

Me time, solitude, time to yourself are all ways of saying one thing ‘leave me alone for a while because right now, it’s all about me’.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Women are under increasing amounts of pressure with work, motherhood, finances, maintaining an active social life, running a home and so on, that it can feel like there is no time to relax and just – be. Not only that but many women feel guilty at the sheer thought of taking time out for themselves instead of tending to others but let’s face it, if none of us take time out for ourselves, we will eventually burn out.

When people think of time to oneself, many may consider reading a book, having a long, hot relaxing bath (without any interruptions) or even a spa day. If a spa day seems too costly and/or time consuming, then there are always at home spa treatments to try such as manicures, pedicures or face masks. Face masks offer the most relaxation in this case, and there are many to choose from. The latest and most popular of face masks are cloth masks. They are simple to use, deliver amazing results and leave no mess.

Once applied, just lie back and let the mask go to work. The Jivesse Gold Collagen Face Mask is a pure, indulgent treat for the skin and one every woman deserves, whether occasionally, weekly or daily. Not only does it provide a truly relaxing experience but its revitalising ingredients stimulate an anti-ageing effect that leaves skin feeling, supple, firm, smooth and rejuvenated. Skin positively glows with every use of these 24 Karat Gold Leaf infused face masks.

The beauty of alone time is that you are able to recharge and refresh, ready to take on whatever is thrown at you next. The psychological benefits of taking time for oneself are huge not to mention the physical benefits of these masks are remarkable too. Once you take off the mask, you will feel relaxed, de-stressed and look positively radiant.

Beauty consultants have commented that “the mask has been purposely made to ensure that once it comes off, the serum and gold remain on the skin, giving it a healthy glow. It’s like a facial spa treatment in a box”. So give yourself a little extra TLC with this indulgent facial spa treatment, conveniently placed in a box for you to indulge in some serious ‘time for yourself’. Remember – it’s not selfish, it’s necessary. Your skin and your mind will thank you for it.