Why Skin Ages and Ways to Slow its Progression

Healthy, youthful skin has a smooth surface with an elasticity that simply ‘snaps’ back when pulled or prodded. Skin tone and complexion is generally unblemished and looking fresh-faced is an everyday occurrence. When we are younger, our skin is abundant with Collagen, for skin firmness, elastin, for skin elasticity & recoil and glycosaminoglycans or GAGs, to keep the skin hydrated – no wonder want to find our way back there.

The reasons skin ages may be a result of both internal and external factors collectively. Science has shown that once in your 20’s, the body produces less collagen each year which makes skin thinner and thus more fragile. Sweat and oil glands also begin to function less, and there is a decrease in both the making of elastin and GAG formation. These factors are inevitable but coincide them with external factors and the process can potentially be sped up.

External factors such as over exposure to sunlight, smoking and everyday pollution for example, can all contribute to skin ageing. Such incidences cause free radical cell damage (single cells that wreak havoc damaging healthy cells) which can cause healthy skin cells to deteriorate, add these external factors to the internal factors and the result is skin roughness & dehydration, with an uneven skin tone, maybe even brown patches, and skin that has become thinner with deep wrinkles.

So how can we slow down the skin ageing process?

Prevention. Prevention is the key to slowing down the visible signs of ageing. We cannot stop it – it is inevitable, but we can reduce the rate in which it catches us. Our skin care routine should therefore reflect our needs and our need is to stay looking as youthful as possible, for as long as possible. Apply sun cream to your face every day (that is at least factor 35) before applying any other skin care product. This helps protect skin against any harmful UVA/UVB rays that skin can be exposed to (whether it is sunny outside or not). Remember, sun exposure causes premature skin ageing so this tip is a must to help protect skin against over sun-exposure.

Use a collagen-based moisturiser daily. Jivesse Marine Collagen Cream contains Peptan collagen to help boost your skins own levels naturally. It also contains antioxidant vitamins C & E to help protect skin cells from free radical cell damage. To help further boost your collagen levels, there are collagen capsules such as Jivesse Marine Collagen Capsules which help increase collagen levels from within as well as contains hyaluronic acid to help keep skin hydrated, firm and supple.

When used collectively, this Jivesse skin care regime provides all you need to help keep skin looking healthy, firm and supple. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, so you can feel confident in your skin.